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Chat With Stephen Brotherston: Colangelo, The Raptors' Future and More...

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  • Chat With Stephen Brotherston: Colangelo, The Raptors' Future and More...

    Bryan Colangelo came to talk to the collected media before last night's game looking very tired - he's been busy but what he said was to not expect any big deals - maybe a small one - but sure they were still looking at options (not likely). "Cap Space is Precious" to them. Expect nothing - but there is an off chance something happens today.

    BC made it clear the team's plan is to develop their youth - expect to see lots of playing time for the young guys - including JJ. Don't expect BC to be acquiring another All-Star today.
    Spending big heading into a new CBA is very risky. Raps are going young - they got some nice young players. They want to see what they got before making decisions about the future this summer (after the pending lock-out).

    It's not really news but you'll see reports that Reggie Evans could be traded as the team wants to play the 4 young bigs they have - but there is no real pressure to do anything.

    Everyone expects Colangelo will be back - but BC says extension talks are still awaiting "the right time."
    BC in tdot:
    Will the Raptors make a run at Gallinari before the day is up?
    Stephen Brotherston:

    I do not believe Gallinari is available. Does seem like the kind of player BC would try for though.
    Jesse in Toronto:
    Is it time for Rap fans to be discouraged and scramble frantically? NJ just got a star for nothing we did not have!Right now,Raps do not make the playoffs for another 3yrs!Will D-Will leave Nj after his contract?
    Stephen Brotherston:

    No time for panic - time to sit back and watch the most exciting group of young players we have seen in Toronto since VC was here. These guys won't even give up trying to win - despite the fact they are almost mathematically out of the playoff race.

    I see big strides ahead over the next 2 seasons with the Raptors youth movement - they just have to keep it together and not panic.

    D-Will acquisition is a huge gamble for NJ - if he doesn't re-sign NJ just traded away their future. I hope that doesn't happen - never want to see that kind of disaster happen to any team.
    Will in Philadelphia:
    As the other team getting left in the dust in the Atlantic conference, do the Sixers and Raptors make drastic changes between now & the draft or bide our time?
    Stephen Brotherston:

    Best move is no move now - wait and see what the new CBA brings.

    Don't give up on the Sixers - that team has talent, and now with Doug Collins, they have a coach who is getting something out of that talent.

    Getting Collins was the best move the Sixers have made in years.
    Source: Hoops World