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Chisholm: Raps Must Stick to Their Guns

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  • Chisholm: Raps Must Stick to Their Guns

    I know the topic has been beaten to death over the last week or so, but should we "stick to our guns" and keep DeMar in the starting line-up or move him to the bench with hopes that his role their might be more relevant than his current one with the starting five?

    However, there is one interesting quirk that has begun to crop up that is worth some extra attention, and that is the three-headed shooting guard position. As nice as it is to be able to get rookie DeMar DeRozan meaningful minutes with his best teammates, one has to wonder what he is actually learning being totally ignored while out on the court. He is one of the few Raptors who has committed to running the floor in transition, he makes hard backdoor cuts, he is athletic enough to get himself to the free throw line and yet he NEVER sees the ball. While the Raptors have a lot of hands to feed in that starting five, no unit is as effective with four offensive options as it is with five. Young players like DeRozan tend to perk up when they are afforded some role in the scoring, and his athleticism and quickness on defence have shown an uptick in those scenarios. this is simply stage one of a larger, full-season plan, but the early returns on any plan are hard to decipher at this stage.
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    Chisholm is an ass...even more so since he is beating my scrawny ass in fantasy basketball this week.

    I do agree with this article, though. Stick it out and see if you can get this team clicking on the defensive end.