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DeMar Eyeing Dunk Contest?

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  • DeMar Eyeing Dunk Contest?

    I could of sworn I read something a month or so ago that said DeMar was already in the dunk competition. Did I dream that up?

    The high-flying Raptors rookie, while making it clear he would love to have the opportunity to take part in the highlight event of the all-star weekend festivities in Dallas this year, has been given no indication he will even be considered for such a spot when the league finally gets around to putting the field together.

    But some old friends at in conjunction with Team Flight All-Stars (TFA), have started an Internet campaign to get DeRozan one of those spots.

    You can take part by going to
    Source - Click here

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    He was actually asked by a reporter if he wanted to participate and he said yes, but the reporter heard wrong and said that DeRozan already got a spot. DeRozan corrected this mistake the next day.


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      Cheers detour ... thanks for the clarification. I must of missed where DeMar corrected the mistake.

      Either way, it would be exciting to see either him or Sonny in the competition. How awesome would it be if they both competed?


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        ^ Two Raps in the Dunk Contest?!


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          It's pretty unfortunate, but Sonny is a relative nobody and DeRozan is a rookie. Even if he was a 9th overall pick, people still don't know him because he hasn't been placed very high on the rookie rankings so far. The chances of DeRozan getting in would be MUCH higher than Weems', but when it comes to actual dunking skill, neither one of them has shown us much outside of alley oops, which are relatively simple dunks. The footage from their respective dunk contests are pretty cool but I don't think that the people who choose the dunkers are going to be digging through videos of people that they probably don't know.

          If they both compete, I don't know who'd win, but I'm giving Sonny the edge here for some reason.


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            Has anybody else found it strange that the NBA STILL hasn't announced the players for the dunk contest? I'm guessing they are still waiting on/trying to convince LBJ to join the dunk contest!


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              Let DeMar go to the Rookie game and then Relax!

              No good can come from letting DeMar get distracted by the sideshow of the dunk contest.
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