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Without Bargs the Raps Lose

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  • Without Bargs the Raps Lose

    Yet another winnable game sent down the drain. The Raps lose, despite building a substantial early-game point lead.

    Why you ask?

    1. No Bargs- Raptors have no offensive powerhouse without him.

    2. No calls for Dero- refs blatantly hating on our boy. To that effect, Bargs has "earned" the BS respect of the BS refs, so without him, we are hurtin. I feel bad for Dero.

    What is the solution? What to do without Bargs?

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    We need to get a flopper big like Varejao , he gets alot of calls. trade Bargs , Dorsey, Alabi for Harangody, Erden and Varejao, Young talent with defensive mindset for center with offensive mindset and Cleveland gets an extra center and power forward, cleveland drafts a couple small forwards and its a done deal.