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    Morrison anyone? :P


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      I thought it was possible. Could be wrong. Players with two or less years experience can be sent down. I always thought that freed up a roster spot on the NBA team.
      69. What is the NBA Developmental League (NBA D-League)?
      The NBA Developmental League (NBA D-League) is a separate league run in affiliation with the NBA. Teams may assign up to two of their players to an NBA D-League team. Only players with fewer than two years' experience may be assigned to an NBA D-League team, and each player can be assigned no more than three times per season. If an active player is assigned, he is automatically placed on the team's Inactive List. There is no minimum or maximum length of an NBA D-League assignment, and players have 48 hours to report to the NBA D-League team once they are assigned. Players continue to receive their NBA salary while assigned to the NBA D-League.

      NBA D-League rosters are normally 10 players, but can expand to 12 to accommodate assigned NBA players. In some cases where one team might be overstocked with assignees or players at a particular position, players might be reassigned to a different team. NBA teams do not control the playing time their assignees receive -- that matter is up to the discretion of the NBA D-League coaches.

      Further information for the NBA D-League can be found on their website:

      My interpretation of a D-League assignment is the same as an injured player: they go on the inactive list and the roster spot is reserved. Including injured players, a team can only have 15 playres under contract. Even with injured players like Yao Ming, my understanding is, an injured player exemption is granted but it is the team's responsibility to have a roster spot available. It is why so many teams only carry 14 players for the flexibility the last spot offers.