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What do you notice about this interview?

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  • What do you notice about this interview?

    Listen to Bargs start talking at 2:29...what do you notice?

    PS - you get the answer at 3:08


    brace yourselves, it might be one of those nights ..... you might get a lot of stinkers from the players

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    Look at the stat lines they run. Not game averages, but totals for the year.

    ie. Kris Humphries 542 points.
    “I have no idea who Chukwudiebere Maduabum is, but on his Draft Express profile, he’s listed as Chu Chu. I think he’s worthy of picking just for that. He immediately is in the running for best All-Time NBA name.” -Tim W.


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      damn i thought the interview you were referring to was the chris bosh crying one!
      Entourage: Harvey - "E (BC) was right, there's genius in this (Bargnani)"
      Ari - "You wanna buy it?"
      Harvey - "I do, for a dollar"


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        you can tell bargs was just waiting for his shipment of pasta to arrive from italy that his mom made for him lol...... also tell that he was annoyed at the last question the guy gave him about having an advantage over everybody he just looked at the guy like what the hell are you talking about haha


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          ya, the answer he gave to the stupid internal clock question was a good one. Just a bad question, Andrea doesn't give token answers, so why would he say he's got some ridiculous advantage over non-European born players?