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Too bad Raps didn't make that Baron Davis deal....

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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I agree in theory but there are perennial bottom feeders who draft high year in and year out going nowhere. The Raps are going to have a top five pick to add to a roster of young and inexperienced players.

    We'll see what happens, good discussion.
    Yeah good discussion. Good thing is that Cavs actually made the trade so we'll see how things play out for them. I'll be super pissed if they draft 1st and 5th though hahaha.


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      -- Owner Dan Gilbert told the Fox Sports Ohio audience the other night the Cavs were close to getting a third lottery pick at the trade deadline.

      "It didn't happen," he said. "We'll work on it again. (There's) a lot of time between the end of the season and the draft."

      He might not have been referring to the Rip Hamilton trade with the Pistons that broke down.

      Obviously after Gilbert's letter blasting LBJ he is looking to rebuild as fast as possible. To get another draft pick would - in my opinion - require taking on another bad contract.

      My question is: with the veteran players currently under contract (Davis, Jamison, Varejao, Gibson, and whoever they'd take to get the 3rd lottery pick) plus young players like Hickson, Eyenga, Harris, and, now apparently, Samuels and then 3 lottery picks - how do you balance developing the younger players with appeasing the older players? It has the makings of another DET situation in my opinion (except I doubt Jamison would ever be on board - he appears to be a class act).