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Alabi send down to D-League... again... again.

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    e2thed wrote: View Post
    They should just void his NBA contract and make him stay there, like come on quit playing with the dudes emotions and tell him hes not good enough for the NBA already.
    Come on man, minor league baseball players and hockey players go through YEARS of this sometimes before they either get a true or or actually make the big club. He makes enough money and if he truly cares about getting better he'll focus on basketball, rather than how big his bed is or how shitty the bus rides are.
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      hateslosing wrote: View Post
      He actually has a decent stroke on his jumper and can knock down open shots from the elbow. The biggest thing with Alabi is his awareness. He looks lost alot out there and if he can just learn when and where to move, he'll look like a much better player.
      Ya i totally agree, many times he is lost or turns his back to the ball and gets lost. thats all part of being young and not playing in the NBA. the d league should help him with that and but he will need nba minutes to take it up another notch. next year i bet we see alabi play 10 mins a game