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Comparing Raptors with on-court/off-court numbers.

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  • Comparing Raptors with on-court/off-court numbers.

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    Do you have a link to these stats to look at?
    -Tim W.


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      malefax wrote: View Post
      Julian Wright looks really, really good by on-court/off court numbers. The team’s defence and rebounding have been much better with him on the floor. Part of that could be explained by him playing against opponent’s second units, but again part of it suggests he’s better than Sonny Weems (and DeMar). The team has played worse in every category when Sonny is on the floor (except slightly better defensive rebounding).
      Huh.... interesting.


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        bloodyhandedgod wrote: View Post
        Do you have a link to these stats to look at?


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          other amazing stuff there:

          C and PG position are TIED for fewest % of shots at the net..... the differential? -4% for PG,
          -34% for C

          Best PER at PF (18.1). Best PER differential at PG (+0.4)

          Opponents PER is highest at C (20.8). With the worst differential at C (-4.7).

          To put this in perspective:

          Opponents avg. PER at position - and players of that same position close to that PER this year.

          PG 16.3 - DJ Augustine, Mike Conley, Kyle Lowry
          SG 17.1 - Ray Allen, Jason Terry
          SF 15.3 - Luol Deng, Grant Hill, Wilson Chandler
          PF 19.1 - Chris Bosh, Paul Milsap, Josh Smith
          C 20.8 - Tim Duncan, Nene Hilario, Al Jefferson


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            great thread! we need more posts of this nature!
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