Yeah, I think we are seeing the starting SF for the Toronto Raptors this year in Derrick Williams . Legit 6'8 and 241 lbs, can put the ball on the floor, can score the 3, high FG% shots, shoots the 3 well, rebounds the ball, high basketball IQ and defensive fundamentals (Hope, he continues to fall under the radar to Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones ) - imo, you don't find this kind of SF anymore as Derrick Williams is built (the last comparison in terms of weight and height is LBJ and Melo). Imagine a Melo that can rebound and actually shoots high percentage shots or an LBJ that can actually shoot the 3, I'm all in for this Derrick Williams guy . For more information, here is his (He is #6 now on draftexpress, lower than where the Raptors pick ) profile -

What do you guys think?
I am tired of complaining our draft picks have to bulk up to really get good (DD last summer and Ed Davis this summer) .