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Bosh Could Easily Set Franchise Marks That Might Never Be Touched

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  • Bosh Could Easily Set Franchise Marks That Might Never Be Touched

    Considering loyalty doesn't really exist in professional sports now-a-days, if Bosh does remain a Raptor he could easily set franchise records that no one will ever touch.

    Let’s presume for a moment Chris Bosh does resign with the Raptors and plays the bulk of his prime years in Toronto. In the wake of him becoming the franchise’s all-time leading scorer on Sunday it’s worth pointing out that he would likely set franchise marks that might never be touched. If he stays healthy (I know, I know) this year he should get to 10,500 points for his career and if he re-ups for the full six years and knocks out six straight 1,600-point seasons – which is pretty conservative barring major health issues – he should finish that deal with more than 20,000 points. There are only five active NBA to have cracked the 20,000-point plateau and they’re all pretty good: Shaq, Kobe, Iverson, Garnett and Allen. Right now only 32 players in NBA history have done it, though several more are on the verge, including Dirk, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce and Vince. Bosh will only be 32 when his next contract ends and probably good for maybe another 5,000 points which is where the air gets really rare: Shaq’s the only active player to have got there and only 14 in history have.

    I realize this is all candy and nuts and the wheels might fall off two years from now, but it’s worth pointing out that for all the heat Bosh takes for not being LeBron – (on pace to break the all-time scoring mark by about age 36 by the way) – he deserves credit for fashioning himself a pretty special career to this point and one which no Raptor will surpass any time soon, if ever.

    Providing he re-signs here, of course. If he doesn’t Bargnani will pass Bosh some time in 2018. Imagine the celebration at the ACC that night.
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    LOL, optimism times infinity. My telescope can't see that far away.


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      Whether he stays of goes (I really hope he stays), if Bosh finishes his career with 20,000+ pts and 10,000+ rbs, those numbers alone would make him Hall of Fame worthy.
      RR OG


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        something tells me bosh will finish his career in Tdot O .. yes i said it !
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          ^ I really hope so (keeping my fingers crossed)!


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            So he could leave, come back when he's 36, and retire as a Raptor?