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Why the Raptors are so GOD AWFUL Opinions?

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    The Raptors lose because they don't have much talent. I don't think it's super complicated.


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      b2kelly wrote: View Post
      So this sorry sac of a team is getting spanked by Golden State at the half down over 20 points, no defense no stops no heart no consistency.... what is the root cause for this poor team being so inconsistent and painful to watch. What would be your first three changes you would make if you were GM of the Raps tomorrow?
      Because they're doing a rebuild. The whole team was built around Chris Bosh and stunk with him here in that last season. Then they go and lose him without adding much talent to make up for him leaving. They're playing young guys a lot. I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything but it's playing out how I thought it would for the most part with no surprises. The roster had "stank" written all over it and the only people who thought otherwise were setting themselves up for disappointment with their blind optimism.