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Is this officially Rock Bottom for the Raptors?

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    GarbageTime wrote: View Post
    why would you possibly want to trade the most productive player this team has. The only guy who is capable of playing efficiently at both ends of the floor?

    Not trying to get more players like Amir is the exact reason why this team is in the situation it is.
    Good Point. Why does everyone hate Amir so much when he has been playing hard even when he had a bad back. The rest of the team should take a page out of the Amir book.


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      RaptorsFan4Life wrote: View Post
      Stan Van Gundy has Howard, Triano has Bargs...
      i said we need a guy like stan van gundy. I never said we need stan van gundy. Just someone who is very strict and tells his player to give 100% every night


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        I don't doubt triano does that. My biggest issues is with the X's and O's. Not to mention his handling of the young players while we're clearly in a rebuild. He simply doesnt scheme to our strengths and is a complete retard when it comes to substitutions and critical plays.


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          I don't think this is rock bottom by any means. With BC and Jay running things there will never be the change in culture that we all dream of happening.