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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    If they're drafting 5th or 6th then chances of them finding a player with more talent than Kemba Walker is not high. I'm not saying he's the ideal draft choice for them in this class but I am saying I feel he would not be a wasted pick. I think he has the potential to have a much greater impact than Johnny Flynn for example. Flynn was taken 6th overall and a pretty good draft class. I think Kemba could end up playing to a level of TJ Ford in his prime before he went through those traumatizing injuries which killed his game. TJ was an excellent player and would still be one if not for his degenerative spinal condition.
    Kemba is da man.

    I still hate Horford for that face palm that took out TJ....Raps history would be very very very different if that never happened


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      Yeah, well that one and the Garbajosa injury. Those two were very devastating.


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        Apollo wrote: View Post
        Yeah, well that one and the Garbajosa injury. Those two were very devastating.
        That was terrible, i saw that happen too....ouch..poor guy, he was awesome, i loved the tandem of him and Bargs


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          Apollo wrote: View Post
          • Colangelo takes the best player on his draft board
          • Colangelo stays
          • Triano leaves
          • Bargnani leaves
          • Barbosa leaves
          • Wright leaves
          • Weems leaves
          • Evans leaves
          • Dorsey stays
          • Ajinca stays
          • Colangelo builds around Ed and DeMar, finding free agents who complement them
          • The Raptors enter next season in far better shape but still end up in the lottery
          For those truly interested in a proper rebuild, this is probably the best case scenario. Next year is looking like a very strong draft.


          a couple of pieces this off-season/draft,
          while possibly shedding Bargnani and/or Calderon's contract,
          combined with a high draft pick next year,
          and possible high cap space (with Bargnani and Calderon gone) next summer

          would most likely create a playoff team in 2 seasons, in my opinion.

          Based on ground up rebuilds like Portland or OKC, that is not unreasonable or unthinkable if the draft gods comply.


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            I think there will be a very long and bitter lock out.