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    GameBreaker wrote: View Post
    Why move Amir? What is wrong with Amir's game and development? Everyone knows he's not elite. But trading him after he just signed a contract, IS playing better and is a vetern that is still young and stays in games, even when he's hurt, comes in to work on his game and WANTS to be here, amidst all the negative media about our city and franchise.
    We do not want to trade him because he just signed a contract, where is that coming from ??

    How about trading him because we have a young guy whose game is exactly the same as him with ton more upsides and ton more talents ?

    How about trading him because if the myth is true ( that Amir has talent and his contract is reasonable ) then we can get some real value back from him and his contract and use that to address the PG and SF position of the team that need an upgrade real bad ?

    How about trading him because we have so many holes in other positions that we can not afford having redundancy in PF position and better utilize our assets better ?

    Are these enough reasons why we should look into the market and see if we can get anything worth a value back for Amir ?