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Would You Consider Mikki Moore?

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  • Would You Consider Mikki Moore?

    Now that the Warriors waived him and we have space on the roster with Pops being relieved of his duties, would you guys take a chance on Moore? Seeing how its looking more and more doubtful regarding a Evans return to the line-up anytime soon, Moore might perhaps be some nice insurance behind Bosh, Bargnani and Amir.


    The Golden State Warriors have waived center Mikki Moore, the team announced today. Moore, 34, appeared in 23 games with Golden State this season (20 starts), averaging 5.0 points, 3.0 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 17.7 minutes. A 12-year NBA veteran, Moore underwent surgery to remove bone spurs in his right heel on December 18.
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    No. What can he do that Rasho, Reggie or Amir can't? Mikki would collect dust on the end of the bench.


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      No thanks, Mikki is out till April and we already have one big man cheerleader injured from the bench so we don''t need two.


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        I would rather have Pops in that case. Waiving Pops to sign Moore? That would be odd.


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          Pops wasn't waived because they didn't want him. He may be back with the team shortly...


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            MM is currently injured. GS waived him with the condition they take care of him until he is fit again (I think I saw April).


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              No thank you
              Last name ever, first name greatest


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                No not ever! Even if he wasn't hurt!
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