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    DunkinDerozan wrote: View Post
    broo where u beeen?

    You should know by now...

    they dont call sonny MONEY for nutting...
    DeMar's is in his second year and averages more points than sonny. And sonny was in the starting line up most of the season.


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      RaptorsFan4Life wrote: View Post
      Sonny's mid range game isn't that bad and his 3pt is a billion Xs better then Demar. Demar has turnover probs as well...
      2nd year player...


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        sign weems for a max deal. he's goin to break out next year and deserves that money.... ok so not really. I do like his game as a SG coming off the bench. he isn't a SF by any means.


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          Keep both Amir and Ed. Trade Bargnani, buy him out, whatever just get rid of him. Don't really matter to me if they trade Demar too, so long as we get good value in return. Matter of fact, I don't really mind trading anybody on this team just to get something more valuable back. It's not like we have superstars in the making here anyways. As for Sonny, he showed this season that he isn't worth keeping, even though I was really high on him last season.