I have noticed that everyone has relegated Terrence Jones to the background including me, my bad . Yes, Terrence Jones might not be able to score in bunches like Harrison Barnes or Derrick Williams - basically he is a role player not an alpha dog but he fills up the stat sheet a la Lamar Odom . We have a similar player to Terrence Jones on the Raptors, a glue guy who fills up the stat sheet in James Johnson except that Terrence Jones is better in that he makes 3 point shots at a decent clip . Imo, Terrence Jones will be best served on a team where he is not relied on for scoring rather should be viewed as a glue guy, he is a good fit for a team that has a scoring point guard or shooting guard averaging 23-25 ppg basically - Terrence Jones stat line in his prime imo will be 15 ppg, 7+ rpg, 2-3 apg, 2-3 spg. The question we should ask is that can DD average those kind of numbers to trade down in the draft to get Terrence Jones? That is the million dollar question, right now .