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Amir- from Draft Day to Present Day

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    Multipaul wrote: View Post
    Hi Guys

    I was reading this article on Amir today from Draft Express, wayyy back in the day (love the Amir high school photo). It's interesting to read the scouting analysis of Amir from back then. They said at best he woudl be a "poor man's Jermaine O'Neal". I thought that was interesting. Personally, I think Amir can be better than J-O in his uninjured prime. They do critique his akward jump shot motion in the article too, but I think Coach English has done a pretty good job cleaning that up. They also mention his tremendous hustle and knack for finding loose balls under the rim (that sounded perverted a bit eh..)

    What do you guys think? How has Amir fared compared to this report from years back? I think he has exceeded expectations, but still has a ways to go (injuries don't help matters)

    PS- the link takes a second to load, for some reason it comes up all black and then then everything will appear
    No I don't think so multipaul. I don't think JO and Amir are comparable at all. Oh wait... Yah their both tall.


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      Amir reminds me of a poor man Josh Smith not JO.