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  • Kemba Walker

    This kid is having quite the tournament, and his draft stock is definitely on the rise.

    As it stands today, the Raptors are likely to pick after Cleveland, Minnesota, and Washington. Cleveland will likely take Kyrie Irving, and Minnesota and Washington will undoubtedly NOT take a PG as both teams are more than covered at that position. This leaves the very likely possibility that Walker will be available at the 4th pick and I would not be at all surprised to see the Raptors take him. With the talent and leadership that he's showing I'm starting to hope that this happens.

    I'll definitely be watching tonight's tournament final to see how he steps up.

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    Nice Post. Welcome to the Republic!
    This is going to get moved to the Draft thread.

    Now then, on to Kemba Walker.
    Dude is sick, wicked and nasty..
    I wouldn't be against drafting Kemba. He'll probably be available at the 10-15 range even, though.