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Ed Davis or Amir Johnson?

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    Pretty much in agreement with most of the comments. Ed is a 4 and his ceiling is higher than Amir's but Amir is a keeper and is one of the only young vets on this team.

    If Andrea is traded it doesn't have to be for a 5 but there needs to be a 5 acquired at some point so everyone can go back to their natural positions and Ed and Amir don't have to battle centres.

    I don't necessarily agree with the assumption you take the best player available in the draft. If the Raps got some bad draft luck and ended up picking 6th or 7th Alec Burks would be a candidate to be selected but with Demar at the 2 already the roster redundanices that we currently see on this team would continue.

    I don't like the notion of drafting a rookie 5 in this draft. I think the Raps should definitely try to acquire a 1 or a 3 depending who's on the board at that time. I also don't think that fans sight should be Irving, Williams Barnes, Kemba or bust. Not all of those dudes are going to be game changers in the NBA and their might be a few dudes who get slept on like in every draft. Potential sleepers P. Jones, Burks, B. Knight, T. Thompkins, JuJuan Johnson and my personal 2nd round sleeper pick Gary Flowers from Southern Miss.


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      this is obviously assuming we keep the 4th pick.... irving over kanter but not kemba.. if we pick kemba in the top 4 we will be the laughing stocks of not only the nba but the whole basketball world... especially when brandon knight is better and has more upside


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        raptorsking wrote: View Post
        draft kanter and tough it out for next year... and we're already screwed with bargs at C
        Kanter has injury probs. I don't want another a possible Oden on the Raptors.


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          Kanter seems more like a sure thing and could provide more instant results; Valanciunas on the other hand will need 1 or 2 years to develop and not foul as much from the looks of it.


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            RaptorsFan4Life wrote: View Post
            Kanter has injury probs. I don't want another a possible Oden on the Raptors.
            Kanter has had at least one injury, but there doesn't seem to be much evidence (at least that I've heard) that says he's either injury prone or even had knee problems outside of one time. I haven't been able to get any real information, so I think medical tests are going to play a big part.
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