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    Butch will probably never coach in the league again. From everything I read after he had his fued with MLSE brass they axed him and made sure he was black listed throughout the league. It's why you've never heard tell of him since his Toronto days.

    In a book written with his brother Cris, he attacked Indiana coach Bob Knight's behavior while Butch Carter played there. He sued former Raptor and current Knick Marcus Camby for calling him a liar, then dropped the lawsuit after his legal challenge received widespread criticism.

    Carter made headlines again after a report that he had asked for Grunwald's title in his annual job review before Grunwald and team president Richard Peddie. The coach said he did not want Grunwald's powers, only his title for added influence in dealings with free agents.

    Carter also came under fire from veterans Antonio Davis and Charles Oakley when he said there was a lack of leadership in the Raptors' locker room.

    Perhaps the last straw came last week when Tracy McGrady, on the verge of free agency, cited the veterans' dissatisfaction with Carter and ensuing turmoil as reasons why he wouldn't be back in Toronto.

    Under Carter, the Raptors finished third in the Central Division with a 45-37 record. The team was eliminated 3-0 in the first round of the playoffs by New York.

    Carter was also seen as instrumental in grooming McGrady and Vince Carter, the two young stars of the team.
    Source: CBS News

    Source: The Flagrancy


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      Ambidextrious wrote: View Post
      If your not too sure about opinions on a fan forum, THEN WHY ARE YOU ONE 1? Whats wrong with fans discussing an article? If your not too sure about everyone else's opinion. I'm sure we'd love to hear yours. Oh wait, you don't have any opinions. Scared of the keyboard? LOL
      Nothing wrong with discussion. I just trust expert opinion over fans who don't fully understand the game and don't have a full picture of what goes on with a team outside of the 2.5 hours of game time. And my response was facetious. (look it up, it's a tough word)

      I've posted many opinions here, on RealGM, and in comments to blog postings on this site. (look it up, if you're obsessed)
      Definition of Statistics: The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures.