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Blake Griffin on the Dunk Contest

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  • Blake Griffin on the Dunk Contest

    This is from ESPN:

    Q: Will we see you in the dunk contest again or is it "been there, done that" thing now for you?

    A: To be honest, from the beginning, I wasn't really big on the dunk contest. That's not really my thing. But I would like to do it over again. I feel like I wasn't really, I guess, prepared well enough. Some of the stuff, it could be a lot better. & If somebody does a dunk you were doing, it just completely takes the air out of it.

    I feel like it's either we should get away from all the props, get away from all that, or kind of have a plan to where the guys know that they're not going in there with four dunks and then one of the other guys does one of your dunks and you just have to make up a dunk on the fly. That's what I had to do on two of my dunks, so that's why I feel it could go better.

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    You know Demar was robbed when the winner of the contest admits the whole thing was a joke with all the damn props. nice find.


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      really nice find. Told myself that i wasn't gonna watch another dunk contest unless props are gone. Last year DD got robbed and again this year. Wow.

      Would that have happened if he was playing for any other team? I mean other that the lone Canadian team that is.


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        Well the raptors are kinda like a joke around the league. Nobody from other franchises really respects them. The NBA has kinda turned into a cliquee popularity contest. If Demar was on the Bulls or Lakers of course he would have won the contest. Its kinda sad but its true. This team has to drop the inferiority complex and just try and attract some talent, how I don't know...but its tough cause Toronto kind of sucks as a city in the eyes of the nba players and nobody wants to play there. Especially players that are any good so our team just attracts players "with a lot of potential" which translates into "not very good now, but could possibly become good later and then leave for a contender." - Face it Charles Barkley was right its the truth.