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Should we consider playing alabi?

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    Sure why not? He doesn't look ready at all though; therefore we should start Ajinca and him today against the Nets.


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      b2kelly wrote: View Post
      I have seen him play dude.. in BC he looked terrible. LOL its people with views like yours that will cause this team to perpetually suck, spoken like a true raps fan. This team should not be a place where garbage gets a chance to learn how to play. The raps will never win anything like that. But ya lets play the guy he could be amazing!!!!! The next coming of Dwight Howard! WOOOO
      Who said anything about the kid being the next Dwight Howard? Alabi does have skills, but he's raw in every sense of the word. He's only been playing organized basketball for a short period of time, but showed glimpses at Florida State of what he could do. I don't believe he's starter material, but he could develop into servicable big man off the bench - a guy who could come into a game, block a shot or two, grab some boards and play solid defense. I wouldn't be opposed to giving the kid some time, especially since some of our bigs are banged up as it is.