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Colangelo on the FAN590 this Afternoon

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  • Colangelo on the FAN590 this Afternoon

    Recap courtesy of "MrBojangelz71" from the RealGM

    -Speaks about Reggie. Will know more after today on his status. Somewhat of a serious injury, could require surgery if he causes any more damage to it. Need his toughness and rebounding badly. Hopes he is back by the end of the month

    - PG have to contain better. Believes we can get there and has faith in the principals of the Defense being implemented.

    - Likes what Marco brings, should be our 6th man or MIP but he has to play himself into that role.

    - Amir, 22 year old with 5 seasons under his belt. Needs some weight to be more effective.

    - E.Smith suggests we should wait till the quarter mark before passing judgment. BC thinks a month in is enough to grade your team. Wants to see what the team is with Reggie in the mix. Believes the pieces are there to be better than what we are so far.

    - Offense is fine, defense needs more effort and should be better than it is have to work harder at it.

    - Chuck who.......

    - Talks about the instant replay rule.
    Source - Click here to listen to interview