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Hopla Comments On DeMar's Shot

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    Apparently Hopla only signs three-day training contracts, the guy is in demand. He made like 107 straight shots or something in his last training session in Toronto, caught everyone's eye obviously.


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      From the Dave Hopla assessment of Demar's 3 point shots, it is clear DD has a long way to go before he even becomes at least a 30% 3 point shooter. Here is the assessment imo -

      1. He has bad body mechanics - now this is the tough one lol . One, if he wants to get a solid 3 point shot in the offseason, he needs 1 month or more intensive gym training with Dave Hopla and one of the class act guys and 3 point shooters in Dale Ellis, Ray Allen or Peja Stojakovic on his body mechanics. Basically for a good 3 point shot, one has to have both feet close to each other, square the elbow and hands to the rim for a follow through on the shot (that is what we think that is arrogance by the three point shooters, but imo is innate to them) with a flick of the wrist to put an arc on the shot and the feet should not be ahead of each other (all body mechanics that Demar is defying lmao). He has to get the body mechanics pat before he even thinks of practicing the 3 point shots especially correcting the feet ahead of each other (except if he wants to be in Bruce Bowen territory ugh lol ).

      2. He now has to get the shooting mechanics right after getting the body mechanics right to finally get a decent 3 point shot (a decent 3 point percentage imo is at least 35%). He can get it imo - look at Deng and Rip hamilton - the kings of mid-range who had spectacular 3 point shooting seasons this season.

      Here is the list for where Demar needs to improve:-
      1. Perimeter defense
      2. Three point shot (at least 35% to get respect from opposing defenses, 40%+ will
      now be a better target as a ceiling - that is elite territory imo)
      3. Posting up on mismatches and using one of a floater, jumphook, skyhook, spin off or an up and under to score.
      4. Average ball-handling and court vision to utilize pick and rolls to rack up assists.
      5. Rebounding.
      6. Utilizing screens for curl of screens for 2 or 3 point shots.

      The celing for Demar imo after he gets all this is 20-22 ppg on 12-15 shots per game (efficient shooting), 4.5-5 apg, 4.5-5 rpg and 1-1.5 spg with 5-7 free throw attempts per game.

      "Nuff said.