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    charlz wrote: View Post
    It is by no means a home run but it is a big piece of the pie. Durrant resigned in OKC because of Westbrook - the city has been good to him too - but if he were playing along side a key piece who was only intrested in playing offense and did not hang with him - I would wager his chances of staying would have been dramatically slimmer.
    Durant re-signed not because Westbrook was his buddy. He re-signed because Westbrook is a budding perennial All-Star and the organization has a very bright future. You think Durant would have re-signed if Westbrook was just an average NBA player and the future wasn't so bright? If Westbrook was European, you think Durant would have cared?

    The fact that 2 out of the last 3 teams that won the Championship had a large international contingent on the team tells me that your theory is not valid.
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      Durant has an old school mentality. I personally feel he would have re-signed anyway as long as the team treated him right and management looked competent and serious about winning. Having Westbrook break out is a great bonus but the guy wants to win a title on his team.