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Now that the season is over...

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  • Now that the season is over...

    ...are we going to dig up any of those preseason predictions threads?

    I can't even figure out how to search for them!

    Who was bang on with the win prediction?

    Did anyone get the scoring avgs right, when considering the wild injuries?
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    I said 28 wins. Apparently I was a little optimistic. I also said that Bargnani, Kleiza, DeRozan and Barbosa would all average between 14 and 18 ppg. Obviously Bargnani went over and Barbosa was just a shade under. Kleiza was, well, not in the running, but who would have guessed he was injured.

    I guessed that Barbosa would be the most likely to be traded, but I think his wrist injury pretty much killed any chance of that.
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      Looking back is so sad. I was pretty optimistic and thought that the Raps would have won somewhere in the mid 30s and would be battling for the 8th playoff seed. I guess I was way off. But there is nothing wrong with being optimistic.

      I was happy to see Ed D and DD develop their games. I was happy to see Calderon's hamstring held up for the season. I was happy to see JJack shown the door. I would have never guessed that we would have been the worst 3 point shooting team. I was also disappointed in Bargs development and Kleiza's and Weems' game. I would have thought we would have won closer to 10-12 road games as well.

      But anyway, I was way way off in all of my preseason predictions.
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        I had between 15-25 but not sure what my exact number was and being a 22 win, I think I am pretty Damn close

        If I am not mistaking, something around 40% of RR had Raptors making the play offs This just show how delusional our fans are and how quick they are too make these scrubs much bigger than they really are.


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          The poll was by multiple of 10's and most picked 21-30.

          I recall another poll or thread where I thought I said 25-29. Whoops.


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            There is another thread where we all broke down what we thought they would score...
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              I THINK I was somewhere around the 27 wins prediction as well.
              It's about money


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                Seriously? Nobody wants to brag about their awesome predictions?
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