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Raptors vs Bulls Live Blog - Nov 11

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  • Raptors vs Bulls Live Blog - Nov 11

    Raps win 99-98, strong defensive stand down the stretch does the Bulls in. Chicago looked very fatigued.

    84-83 Bulls 8:33 4th: Johnson and Bargnani battling hard on the offensive boards. Bargnani with the put-back to bring the Raptors within 1.

    70-63 Bulls 6:03 3rd: Raptors and Bulls are trading baskets, but the Raptors suck. Bulls are doing what they want.

    60-53 Bulls halftime: Quarter ends with Bosh getting dunked on by Noah after Jack allows penetration. Next possessions we can't collect D rebound which leads to points. Raps allow 60 points in the half and let the "offensively struggling" Bulls shoot 50%.

    56-51 1:13 Bulls: Raps perimeter defense is terrible, Salmons hits a wide open three and we forget about him on the next possession. He misses but Deng tips in the rebound over Bosh and Turkoglu. Effort is coming into question.

    51-49 Chi 2:30 2nd: Taj Gibson torching Bargnani, 6-9. Second chance points are 10-0 in favor of Chicago and we're -10 on the glass. Jose's creating off the bounce, he's playing well but overall, the Raptors transition defense is poor.

    5:43 42-39 Raps: 2nd Jose's generated a nice three for Turkoglu by attacking Hinrich. Bosh is still trying hard and attacking, not getting some calls. Bargnani is bailing Noah out by not attacking him.

    8:04 2nd 37-35 Bulls: Bosh is keeping us in this one, 4 FTs in this little stretch. Raps transition defense is terrible, Hinrich is beating them down the floor. Wright is taking pull-up threes.

    27-25 end of 1: Taj Gibson looks like a young Tyrone Hill out there. Belinelli's in too, got a couple FTs. Johnson needs to hit the glass and we can't forget about Bosh, especially when he's playing with the second unit.

    1st qtr 2:25 25-18 Raps: Calderon with a couple scores to take his tally to 6 and Jack with a great And1 against Rose. Driving straight to the rim, no messing about.

    What?! Jack and Johnson in real early for Calderon and Bosh, not sure why.

    1st 4:39 20-18 Raps: Bulls 7-15, Raps 8-14, not much defense being played here. Rose has struck twice against Calderon and Jose's got one back on a nice drive. The Raptors offense is pretty much perimeter oriented today as there's only been one Bosh post-up. Taj Gibson's 3-4 early for some reason.

    Good seats still available at the ACC. The FT TV view is quite depressing.

    It's early but DeMar DeRozan and Joakim Noah are making their mark on the game. Very aggressive play from DeRozan for a couple scores including a gorgeous drive. Noah's hitting the glass early against Bosh. Even got some blood on him...he's making a name for himself in the league.

    Bulls: Rose, Salmons, Deng, Noah, Gibson
    Raptors: Calderon, DeRozan, Bosh, Bargnani, Turkoglu

    Carmina Burana is in full swing at the ACC. Not sure how applicable that song is to the make-up of this team.

    The Raptors vs Bulls isn't the marquee matchup on the schedule tonight but should be a good game as the Raps try to snap a two-game skid and the Bulls try to make-up for that heart-breaking loss at home to the Nuggets.

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    Chat isn't working?
    Onions baby, onions.


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      Thanks for the update Arse .... missed most of the 1st.


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        So, what are the chances the Bulls score 100 points for the first time this season against us? I'd say now the odds are definitely in their favour.

        Still giving up too many 2nd hand chances right now.


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          Ugh ... getting lazy out on the perimeter defending and again NO BOXING OUT.


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            Ummmm ... ya .... defense is looking much improved tonight.


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              We're back in it. Just need to keep focus and start tightening up the d. Our offense is better than theirs. If we can stop them, this game is ours.
              Onions baby, onions.


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                DeMar bringing the energy and hustle we've been looking for. Hopefully it will be contagious.

                Nice 2 handed block from Wright too.


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                  Turkoglu 3 straight misses. :l
                  Onions baby, onions.


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                    If we let them pull away right now, our chances are going to look hard. Gotta keep it a 5 pt game or less, maybe even give it all we have and take the lead.
                    Onions baby, onions.


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                      Jose and Bargnani coming alive late. This team might actually have a pulse.


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                        4 more minutes, win or loss Doc? I believe we can do it. Just keep them infront of you.
                        Onions baby, onions.


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                          We're winning this one Forever .... we're due.


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                            We need to help Bosh under the glass. He's the only one rebounding right now.


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                              Oh boy. Jose and Chris have been big. Good effort to come back by the Raps. Opening up a 9 point lead now, one more stop and we have this game.
                              Onions baby, onions.