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Why does Ed Davis make Amir Johnson redundant?

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    tsn2 is a smart man.


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      RaptorsFan4Life wrote: View Post
      Um no, Amir is FAR bigger than Ed. That was the figure when he came into the league at 18.

      Amir is EASILY bigger then 230. He's probably around 235-240.
      I have yet to see any stats that indicate Amir is more than 215 and he is listed on at least 6 B-ball sites as 210. Maybe you're right an they just never update their info, but I tend to believe is up to date since they have guys like Bargs listed at 250 when they were drafted at 225. The guy does not look like he has put on much weight since he was drafted.
      And he is definitely not 7 feet tall, look at him beside some 7 footers.
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