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Bargnani is not a Franchise Player

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  • Bargnani is not a Franchise Player

    In my opinion, Bargnani simply is not a franchise player material as of now. We should stop wasting time trying to fix something that hasn't been working for the past few years. We have a young core of AJ and ED who are committed to give their 100% effort every single night on both ends of the floor. We should stop wasting time to bring in new guys to make Bargnani "looks better".

    Bargnani is a spoiled child on the floor. He doesn't need to worry about playing time on the court since his first day with the Raptors. He can do everything he wants on the floor even without playing defense. If I were Bargnani, I will keep doing the same thing - take everything for granted, do anything I like to do on the floor,including trying to score 1-on-1 on most of his processions which ended up hurting the team chemistry, since there's no penalities.

    Raptors should stop worshiping Bargnani. Bench him if he does not want to play D. Let him know that it's either show efforts or no show on the court.

    Hopefully it will twist his mind set and turn him into a real franchise player that we all longed for ... but maybe it's a bit too late since he already has a fat contract ...