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National Post take on Colangelo situation

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  • National Post take on Colangelo situation

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    This is getting more and more dysfunctional and I'm beginning to think it's unlikely BC will be reupped


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      I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry... go Raps! And we wonder why we have trouble attracting/keeping big name talent?!?!


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        This really sucks, there is zero consideration for the fans. What do our young guys on the Raps think of this?


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          Colangelo had the chance to state his case on Monday.

          Damage control will be out in full effect soon cause the response, particularly from the Board, is that Colangelo is replaceable, they have a strategy and that he shouldn't get too cozy cause he might not be here soon enough.

          I don't know what the future holds but I do know it's clear that he might not be given a contract extension (my preference) and if he is the leash will be considerably shorter than it's ever been for him, which should be the case for the GM and chief architect of a 60 loss team.


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            Nick wrote: View Post
            This really sucks, there is zero consideration for the fans. What do our young guys on the Raps think of this?
            I'm not a huge fan of Doug Smith's but here was his take:

            Unless something hugely dramatic and unexpected happened between this morning and yesterday afternoon, don’t expect a lot of significant news out of Bryan’s little chat with the media this morning.

            There isn’t going to be anything on the GMs future, or the coach’s, according to the people I talk to; the Teachers people and the rest of the ownership continue to drag their feet on the most significant issue facing the franchise today.

            It sucks and I don’t know if there are other issues at play – maybe ownership’s going to change in time for the new guys to do something, no one’s saying that but it’s in the back of mind – but the more they drag their feet, the more ridiculous the franchise looks to others in the NBA.

            There must have been a dozen guys – coaches, executives, players – who came up to me here in Miami on Saturday and Sunday – wondering what was going on. Mostly, they wanted to know about Bryan’s fate, it was more a topic of conversation than Jay, and a lot of them just shook their heads when I told them that ownership – at least the majority owner that’s trying its hardest to get out of the business – is dragging its heels for some reason.

            It’s bad enough that the Raptors have to fight a perception they created with a 22-60 20-62 season; the fact they have what looks like dysfunctional ownership hurts even more.

            Now, as for what Bryan is likely to touch on today:

            They like the core group, can use more than a few upgrades, have a good draft pick coming, perhaps some money to spend (we’ll see what the new collective bargaining agreement will bring) and are okay with where they are.


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              Everyone in the sports media is saying pretty much the same thing. It's an embarassment. I'm for bringing BC back, but either way, they need to make a freaking decision. This goes beyond hiring a GM -- OTPP needs to make a freaking decision on whether they are actually selling their share in MLSE or whether they are just checking the market. You say you're selling and then sit on your hands for months while the franchises that are part of MLSE wallow.

              The point is, a 1+ billion sale will not happen in a matter of days or likely even weeks when the For Sale sign formally goes up, and time is seriously wasting here while the basketball world -- other franchise management, players, etc. -- watches and laughs. Make no mistake, this nonsense is far more damaging to the Raptors' reputation around the league than anything any coach or GM has done in the past 15 years.... embarassing.
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                Colangelo is a genius

                ohh colangelo, thanks for bringing to us the superstars of the future
                Check out this vincane dunk by Julian Wright



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                  when will this colangelo uncertainty come to an end???!


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                    HuskyRaptor wrote: View Post
                    when will this colangelo uncertainty come to an end???!
                    July 1st at the latest - haha, not much help, I know.

                    It is frustrating though. Some key dates appear to be the end of May when bids are supposedly due for MLSE purchase to OTPP, June 15 is Triano's option pick up deadline, June 23rd at the draft, and July 1st when the contract is officially over.