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    GarbageTime wrote: View Post
    It only sucks for fans who think this is bad idea or think keeping BC is a good move.

    I'd wager this has little to 0 image impact around the league. Even if it does, the 22-60 record the Raps just dropped this year has a much larger impact on the teams image. I'd also wager the worst D in the league (2 years running) also has a much larger impact on this teams/organizations image.

    I also think you are putting way to much importance on players even caring who the GM or owner of a team is.
    +1. Umm, how many playoff appearances have the Raps had in 15 years of existence? I don't care who the "brand" GM is (which is BC's selling point btw). It is fitting that he specialized in real estate (because he runs his team like one). He's into speculation and wanting to hit home runs too much. I don't find his moves to be beneficial in the long run. Only recently has he looked at the future (even BC fans will agree that he has changed his plans this past year). See you later BC. It was nice staring at your collar and tailored suit.
    “The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.” - Martin Luther King


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      heinz57 wrote: View Post
      he reminds me of the bike shop guy from "diff'rent strokes" that showed Arnold a porn cartoon, and tried to child molest Arnold's friend Dudley in his basement.
      I work at a bike shop. I resent you labeling us all as porn-watching child molestors. Porn-watchers, maybe....


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        Beaverboi wrote: View Post
        I work at a bike shop. I resent you labeling us all as porn-watching child molestors. Porn-watchers, maybe....
        i would never hold looking like a porn-watching child molestering bike shop owner against anybody... i would just verbalize the observation of the comparison unapologetically... but that episode of diff'rent strokes really does exist. it was awesome.


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          Matt52 wrote: View Post
          I only hope Tanenbaum finds a way to take advantage of his right of first purchase.
          If Tanenbaum had that kind of cash he would own the team by now. I suppose it's possible that he could put a group together but then we're left with another set of owners that might not be any better. Ideally, I'd love to see someone come in and take out Teachers and TD Capital.

          As for Silvestri, this goes beyond him. He may be the front man but he isn't making this decision by himself. If the powers that be at Teachers wanted this done then they would get it done. This is part of the problem with having teams owned by multiple owners and private equity guys: the fans have no idea who is in charge or who to hold accountable.