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Jamal Crawford = Andrea Bargnani?

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  • Jamal Crawford = Andrea Bargnani?

    Ive seen posts here comparing Jamal Crawford to Andrea Bargnani, both with no desire to defend or rebound (in Jamal's case, pass the ball) but both with good offensive games.

    With the Hawks moving to the second round and Jamal undoubtedly a big contributor to this, can the Raps make use of Bargnani the way the Hawks used Crawford? If Bargnani is paired with a defensive center, will it work the same way as Crawford paired with a defensive 3 like Josh Smith?

    Just want to make it clear that im not a Bargnani lover and im not making a case for Bargnani to stay with the Raps, but if he does indeed stay, can him and a defensive center make things work for the Raps as evidenced by the success of the Hawks with Jamal on their team?