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    Well, we don't really know where we will be drafting yet but if we do land in the three spot I think we should explore some options.

    Hopefully we get the 1st or 2nd pick, but if not:

    Trade the pick! I'm not interested in drafting an unknown centre, there have been far to many busts when drafting drafting centres.

    I think we should try to acquire both of Utah's picks (#6 and #12). We could throw the #3 and sweeten the pot with bayless or some other asset. Maybe the first rounder for 2013 (we should be good by then...shouldn't we?)

    With the 6th pick I would draft Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight

    With the 12th I would try to get Kwahi Leonard. He is a perfect fit for this Raptor team. He is athletic, and defensive minded, rebounds well and a slasher. He averaged 15.4 pg abd 10.7 rbs for a #2 ranked team that made it to the sweet 16 and lost to UCONN.

    Even if we can't trade with Utah I think we should stick with the same draft plan and try to trade for another late first rounder to pick up Leonard.

    I realize B.C. said our team was to young to have two new rookies, but I think these guys would improve our team.