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How good could Jonas Valanciunas be?

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  • How good could Jonas Valanciunas be?

    I am really high on Jonas Valancuinas. I have always favored players that had attributes that you couldn't teach. Jonas is prime example of that. You can't teach length and Jonas has a lot of it. 6'11" with out shoes will most like measure around 7'1" in shoes and has a huge wingspan projected to be 7'6" and his only 19 men usually stop growing when their 21.

    I know a lot of you are on the Enes Kanter bandwagon but, when I look at him all I see is offense. I think we already have enough of that. We really need to start changing the culture in Toronto. That start with the players we draft. I don't have problem with drafting a player with offensive potential but, they have to have defensive potential too. I just don't see that with Kanter.

    With Jonas Valanciunas I see both! I see him possibly being a cross between Pau Gasol and Andris Biedrins at his best. I'm going to just stick with the defense though. Andrew Bogut, Serge Ibaka, Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee and Darko were all top 5 in blocked shots. What do they all have in common? They all have a wingspan higher than 7'2". I feel that Jonas has the potential to be top 5 in blocks but, still get you buckets.