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Let's Stir The Pot Some More; Rudy Gay Available?

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    Quixotic wrote: View Post
    While we've seen unrealistic trades go through (Pau Gasol from Memphis, etc.), realistically speaking, we are more likely to improve via solid drafting and giving prospects a second chance at life than trading prospects away to acquire players who will likely be on the wrong side of their careers when we start to contend. Lack of patience will only hurt our future ceiling, and going through this pothole only to end up a perennial 35-45 win team again isn't exactly something I look forward to.
    True and the guy is sort of weird. He says random shit to the media. And he forces his offense a lot.


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      Heisley emphatically put to rest rumors that he would be interested in dealing Gay this summer. "He is definitely a major part of this organization's future," Heisley said. "We have no plans whatsoever to trade him."
      Keep in mind this is the same guy who said he was not intending to move the Grizz from Vancouver. I wouild tend to believe him in this situation though.


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        Matt52 wrote: View Post
        Consider what? We are over the cap as is MEM. The TPE can't be combined with players salaries to make the numbers match (125% + 100K). If MEM trades Gay it would be for financial relief which we cannot offer. We can consider all we want but if MEM already hung up on the other end, what is the point?
        if 45 million is over the cap then yeah.

        can you explain yourself a little bit?
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          LBF wrote: View Post
          if 45 million is over the cap then yeah.

          can you explain yourself a little bit?
          You really are a dunce.

          First, the suggestion was to trade our first round pick (and filler) for Gay. It's a fact that we are over the cap right now.

          Second, anything that happens on July 1st or after is covered by the new CBA, so if you're suggesting making the trade after July 1st, you're relying on rules that haven't been decided, but sure, let's use the current CBA to cover what would happen if we kept the same rules.

          Third, it's actually somewhere around $47 mil (the figure on the bottom hasn't been updated), and that's for 10 players. After the draft, it'll be over $50 mil, plus whatever other cap holds that still apply.

          Fourth, the 2010-2011 salary cap was $58 mil. The owners are arguing for a $45 mil hard cap. If we assume both sides have to compromise, it's pretty safe to say next year's soft cap (if it even stays soft) will be somewhere between $45 mil and $58 mil. Let's say we err on the side of a huge player victory over the owners, so $55 mil soft cap.

          Fifth, going back to our $50+ mil payroll, it's time to factor in our cap holds. That is, we will only have $5 mil cap space IF we renounce rights to ALL free agents (Reggie, Julian, Weems, Dorsey, etc.), AS WELL AS to our mid-level exception, bi-annual exception AND traded player exception credit. If we don't, then we are officially considered OVER THE CAP.