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    ebrian wrote: View Post
    That's one example in a situation where a former coach said something about a former player. Colangelo saying he thinks Vesely is pretty good means absolutely nothing. If anything, I would say Colangelo credibility of Euro scouting is questionable (see Bargnani).

    I find it really hard to believe you guys believe in all this. It's one thing for the media, because they eat it up, spit out conspiracies, which then leads to higher readership and thus generates revenue. But that's where it should stop. The very fact that as you said "it's pretty much common knowledge this sort of thing happens" confirms it. If it's common knowledge, why would anyone bother listening or posturing?
    To say that Colangelo's credibility of Euro scouting is questionable because of Bargnani is like saying Oklahoma's scouting is questionable because of Cole Aldrich. It's one player. It doesn't mean anything. He also brought over Garbajosa and Anthony Parker. But that's getting off track.

    The reason it's done, even though it's common knowledge that it happens, is because GMs love playing these little games, and sometimes it works. Buying lottery tickets almost never gets you a lot of money, so why does anyone do it?
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      Because of greed, and man's desire to get something for nothing. Personally I only take part when the whole office is doing, only because of fear of becoming that guy everyone interviews asking why I didn't chip in my $2.

      Although it's besides the point and you probably know it, Garbajosa and Parker are terrifically bad examples of Colangelo's ability to evaluate young European talent.

      It's all media. Don't buy into the hype, that's all I'm saying.
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