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The last 10 #5 and #3 picks

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  • The last 10 #5 and #3 picks

    Although this year is supposed to be a weak draft crop, I thought it would be interesting to check out the last 10 players chosen at #5 vs the #3 pick (what could have been?):

    2010 - DeMarcus Cousins (#5) vs. Derrick Favors (#3)
    2009 - Ricky Rubio (#5) vs. James Harden (#3)
    2008 - Kevin Love (#5) vs. OJ Mayo (#3)
    2007 - Jeff Green (#5) vs. Al Horford (#3)
    2006 - Shelden Williams (#5) vs. Adam Morrison (#3)
    2005 - Raymond Felton (#5) vs. Deron Williams (#3)
    2004 - Devin Harris (#5) vs. Ben Gordon (#3)
    2003 - Dwayne Wade (#5) vs. Carmelo Anthony (#3)
    2002 - Nickoloz Tskitishvili (#5) vs. Mike Dunleavy (#3)
    2001 - Jason Richardson (#5) vs. Pau Gasol (#3)

    I would call it a draw... hard to tell on the last 2 years yet.

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    Lets hope we're not looking at another 2006 ... whoa.


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      joey_hesketh wrote: View Post

      Lets hope we're not looking at another 2006 ... whoa.
      '02 wasn't so hot either. Dunleavy was looking OK for a bit and still plays alright, when he's not injured that is.
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        Nickoloz Tskitishvili (#5)

        fuck I can't even pronounce that.
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          I was trying to remember his name yesterday for that Jan Vesely thread


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            Is anyone able to find a website that shows the amount of allstars per draft number selection? Just curious.

            While looking I came across an article by the very credible "Bleacher Report" (sarcasm noted), which looks at the best pick per year from 1980. I just gathered the selection spots for these "best picks":

            1st - 9
            2nd - 4
            3rd - 4
            4th - 2
            5th - 2 (Mitch Richmond, Kevin Garnett)
            9th - 2
            13th - 2
            14th - 1
            17th - 1
            21st - 1
            27th - 1
            43rd - 1
            57th - 1


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              Vince carter was also #5
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                Cool. Great idea.
                Odds look good we might get an impact player.
                These draft specialists have been throwing up on themselves for years.

                Go Raps.
                -Tim W.


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                  the draft in any given year is mutually exclusive from any other given year. While you can look back and make more general comparison (high draft picks tend to turn out better than lower draft picks etc) with a realtively high degree of accuracy.... looking at something like #3 picks vs #5 picks *probably* won't give one an accurate description of how likely a #3 pick is going to turn out vs a #5 pick.

                  Given the draft this year (lots of players avoiding this years draft, lots of projects, out of position players, little information on alot of the players expected to go higher) I'm not sure #3 vs #5 is going to make a huge difference. That said, i'd much rather take a chance on Kanter than Walker/Knight seeing how badly the Raps need a true big and the type of players Walker and Knight seem to be.


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                    this is a very weak draft, we would have done well to get a starter or impact player
                    ya dun noe