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Chris Singleton vs. Kawhi Leonard: why is one top 10 and the other mid to late 1st rd

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  • Chris Singleton vs. Kawhi Leonard: why is one top 10 and the other mid to late 1st rd

    I posted this in the Jan Vesley thread, then realized that was pretty silly of me.

    How come nobodies talking about Chris Singleton?
    I'd say he's much more polished than Kawhi at the 3 spot, and has a better jumper.

    Chris Singleton - 6'-9", 225lbs
    2pt FG% - 46.6%
    3pt FG% - 37%
    TS% - 53%

    Kawhi Leonard - 6'-7", 225lbs
    2pt FG% - 47.8%
    3pt FG% - 29%
    TS% - 51.2%

    Based on Offensive Numbers, I take Singleton.

    Chris Singleton
    Rebounds - 6.8
    Blocks - 1.5
    Steals - 2

    Kawhi Leonard
    Rebounds - 10
    Blocks - .6
    Steals 1.4

    Based on Defense .. I take Chris Singleton.

    Only thing that Kawhi has, is he has a bit longer wingspan, and is a bit younger.
    I say Singleton turns into the better Pro.

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    I had posted this in the draft thread:

    The reality to keep in mind is majority of draft picks never live up to the hype or potential. With that said, if this were to be the case, I'd like to see them find a way to get Chris Singleton. His offense is questionable but has been steadily improving. His defense, though, is captivating with size, strength, length, and quickness to guard 2 through 4. I don't think he'll available past 20 but if WSH, CHA, or MIN (18-20) were willing to sell (read Charlotte) a 1st rounder, I'd be all over him.

    Addition: Supposedly MIN's second 1st round pick (MEM at 20) is much more attainable than their first - whatever that means.


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      He compares himself to a modern Scottie Pippen in this link:

      A sure-fire first-round pick, Singleton has drawn universal praise as arguably this draft's preeminent defender. En route to winning the 2010 ACC Defensive Player of the Year as a sophomore, Singleton became just the fifth player in ACC history to finish in the top five in both steals and blocks.

      Part of what makes Singleton such a defensive force is his exceptional motor and the effort he exerts on that end of the floor. The other primary factors are his exceptional God-given gifts. He is one of the more athletic forwards in the country, which is made all the more impressive taken in tandem with his outstanding "measurables." At the NBA draft combine in Chicago, Chris measured in at 6'7.75" (without shoes on; and an even six-nine with shoes) and possesses a 7'1" wingspan.

      Read more NBA news and insight:


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        Which makes me like the guy even more.

        You can tell the guy is humble, but also is fully aware, and fully confident in his abilities.
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          I like Singleton, but 5 is WAY too high to be talking about drafting him.

          That said, why does the title of the thread say "No Profile Found"?
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            I found "Draft Profiles" for a ton of guys, but none for Singleton.
            And then it turned into a Singleton vs. Kawhi.

            Sooo ... ya. Leave me alone.
            Was my post-work attempt at humour. :P hahaha

            And ya, I don't believe we should take him with #5, but I also don't think that Kawhi should garner consideration at #5 pick either.
            I'd be happy with Kanter and then acquiring a lower pick for Singleton.

            ADD Maybe a mod could change the Title to something more straight forward?
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              I'd be cool with buying a later pick and taking him, sure.


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                Well, I've been talking about Singleton for months on these boards here. I think he's perfect for the Raps, and exactly what they need at the SF. I too have wondered why he gets basically zero hype, and the Leonard hype is baffling considering Singleton is pretty much better at everything except for rebounding.


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                  Man I remember a game last year, where Singleton had a triple-double in Points, Rebounds and Steals. Not to mention 4 blocks and 6 assists.
                  The guy is INTENSE.


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                    i'm telling you, hes going to get drafted by the spurs and we're all going to groan


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                      joey_hesketh wrote: View Post
                      Man I remember a game last year, where Singleton had a triple-double in Points, Rebounds and Steals. Not to mention 4 blocks and 6 assists.
                      The guy is INTENSE.
                      I don't want him. He's all about padding stats. Look at that line. He was only trying to have the first quintuple-double.


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                        Knock, knock...

                        No doubt there are many positives to Singleton's game but the positives aren't the reason what he's slotted into the late teens instead of the top ten in many mock drafts and as such don't think that I am anti-Singleton for posting this:

                        Not a natural wing player, he is not very smooth with the ball and does not have the ballhandling skills which would allow him to create his shot with consistency … Not a great scorer, lacks the feel and touch around the basket and depends too much on his physical prowess to get him thorough situations… Has the size and length to score with his back to the basket, but his poor footwork and bodycontrol make it hard for him to get good shots off inside … Still a very streaky shooter, especially on the move or off the dribble … He tends to shoot without squaring his body, his stroke is not the most natural, and his release comes too far off his head … His legs are fairly skinny but he is top heavy, which makes his movements awkward but it also gives him poor balance … Improved on his free throw percentage, but it’s still not where it needs to be …

                        His skill-level, however, has taken slightly longer to come along, as you can probably guess by the 49.6% he shot from the free throw line last season.
                        As a slasher, Singleton remains below average. He does not have the ball-handling skills needed to create his own shot on a consistent basis. He struggles to change speeds and directions with the ball, which hampers him from taking full advantage of his excellent physical tools. He isn't able to get to the rim and utilize his explosiveness as much as you might hope, often settling for off-the-dribble jumpers instead, which are definitely not his strength.


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                          ceez wrote: View Post
                          i'm telling you, hes going to get drafted by the spurs and we're all going to groan
                          Actually, if he goes in the range he's projected, roughly, 12-17, I see him being taken by Houston. Which is why, if the Raps want him (and they should), they need to make a play for a pick higher than Houston's at 14. Charlotte's pick would be a good target, at #9. So would Utah's, at 12 and Milwaukee's at 10.

                          In Charlotte's case, the Raps could either do: Calderon for Diaw and the pick, or take Diaw with the TPE, and then send cash for the pick. OR they could do Bargnani for Diaw and Singleton. To make this work, the trade would have to be: Bargnani for the #9 pick, and Diaw for the TPE. I prefer trading Bargnani over Calderon, so I would want the later. Given that Kwame Brown is the Bobcat's starting C, Bargnani would be a significant asset to dangle in front of Charlotte for their pick. If I were Charlotte I'd take that for sure.


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                            Regarding your post Apollo (fully aware you were just posting more info and weren't necessarily saying "no" to Singleton): while his offense is pretty weak when trying to create his own shot, shot creation wouldn't be his role at all on the Raps. Why he's such a good fit for TO is that he doesn't need to play out of his comfort zone. The Raps are tailor made for his skill-set.

                            His role on defense: lockdown defender, guard the other team's best wing player, help defense.
                            His role on offense: hit the spot up 3.

                            No more, no less, and if he does those successfully, he should have no problems excelling as the Raps starting 3.


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                              Up until a month ago, there wasn't a lot of difference between them in the mocks. I would have loved for the Raptors to pick up a second draft pick to grab one of these two, or Tobias Harris as a third option. But Leonard is proof that scouts put a lot of stock in the combine and workouts, although I've always thought that Leonard had a slight edge over Singleton. But the question I ask myself now, is would I rather have Leonard at 5 with a $3 million contract, or Singleton at around #13, with a $1.65 million contract? If the Raptors can pick up a PG or C at 5, and grab another draft pick and get Singleton, I'd be very, very happy. Although if they do end up going with Leonard at #5, I won't be disappointed either. A lockdown SF who can hold his own on offense is #1 on my wishlist, no matter how they get him.