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    Triston would be real cool, I met his dad once! ahaha,
    Brampton is in the GTA, so yeah its close. :P

    Im still optimistic about Bargs, I think Colangelo is a great sales person (he's got that slimy car sales man look) and Bargnani has a lot going for him (7 footer, Unique talent, Stretch Defence, 21 PPG, still only 25), meaning that some team like Utah or San Antonio with a really professional front office and staff could nurture him to improve into a much more valuable basketball player.
    In fact I read on some Spurs blog that the fans were interested. One even mentioned dejaun blair in a trade O:
    The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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      Right now Walker is better that everybody outside of Irving but he's 21 and most of the other guys in the top ten are 19. I think those two years is impacting his perceived upside.

      My top five would be Irving, Williams, Kanter, Walker and Knight. In that order. I really like Burks too. Call me crazy but I think he has a top 3 players of the class type upside. Like Evans and Westbrook the recent past classes, he's been sort of flying under the radar a little going into personal workouts. He has the potential to shoot up the board. He's got that high skill big PG potential that both Tyreke Evans and Westbrook have.


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        Apollo wrote: View Post
        Call me crazy...
        The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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          heinz57 wrote: View Post
          suburb of..... although we don't like to admit it.
          i always get brantford and brampton confused.
          If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

          Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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            Finally, another Burks supporter


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              Still, there are a group of guys higher on my list.