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    jeff_hostetler wrote: View Post
    It's possible to argue that the development of Derozan, Davis, Johnson, Weems and Bayless would have happened regardless, given their inherent talent, but since Triano has been here, none of the players who've played all of their time under him have even come close to busting. Rather, many, if not all (except Weems) have shown significant growth and look to have very bright futures.
    I'd say Triano has a knack for connecting with players that not all coaches have ... whether or not he can use that mentoring attitude to also DEMAND effort from his guys for 48 minutes ... ? I think that's what BC is wondering.
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      Triano has always been good working with young guys. Bosh credited him big time for all the work they put in together when he was an assistant. He has always been well liked by the players and we have J Johnson saying Triano is light years ahead of the players when it comes to IQ and concepts at both ends of the court.

      Was Triano deserving of a head coaching job? Yes but he has failed miserably.

      He accomplished nothing with his team that he couldn't have done as an assistant. The list of his positives and negatives have already been said many times on these pages but IMO his biggest obstacle to being a successful HC is his inability to communicate to the individual players what it takes to win. During the game is he able to recognize when someone doesn't have it and then either push that players motivational button or make an adjustment by substituting a different player that knows what is expected of him? Have you listened to his monotone timeout huddles where he doesn't even look his players in the eye?
      A lot of these young guys had head coaches in college that were able to inspire and make the incentives for winning clear to them. The level of coaching at the NBA level should be a step up.
      Just calling someone a head coach doesn't make him one.


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        j bean wrote: View Post
        He accomplished nothing with his team that he couldn't have done as an assistant.
        Interesting...basically you're arguing that player development is something undertaken by (and therefore credit should go to) the coaching staff as a whole, with the responsibility of the Head Coach being primarily in-game management, motivation and play-calling? That Triano is getting credited for work he's doing basically acting as an assistant coach, just with a different title? I can see that.