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    ezz_bee wrote: View Post
    I would agree with apollo that Casey doesn't really seem to fit the "experienced" moniker that we imply in Coangelo's statements. However, I don't see Coangelo firing Jay without already having the guy he wants in place. It just doesn't make any sense to get rid of Jay if you can't bring in anything better.

    The only thing I can think of is that Coangelo had a number of guys he wanted for the job and that he came to some sort of an unofficial agreement w/ Casey to be announced after the Mavs season was over. If Coangelo just fired Triano before what will be potentionally a lock out season and then hires a guy who is very similar in terms of experience and pay, then it just seems like a bonehead play. And all tihngs considered I don't think Coangelo is a bonehead.
    The more I read up on Casey, the more I like. For all the Raptors fans chanting the need for defense, this guy preaches and bleeds it. Casey does have 1.5 year as head coach in NBA which is 1.5 years more than each of the last three Raptors coaches. Also, D'Antoni had a brief experience in Denver (50 games) as head coach before getting his shot in Phoenix and was 52 when that opportunity arose. Casey, from all accounts, did a phenomenal job in MIN and has worked for great coaches in Carlisle, McMillan, and George Karl. This is also his 2nd NBA championship appearance as an assistant coach.

    Either Woodson or Casey would be a step up from JT.


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      Given the choice between frank and casey I would go casey. I dont see a point in hiring a guy who after 6 seasons of coaching had pretty much the same winning percentage as Jay Triano (give or take), in a weak eastern conference.

      If Dallas' improved defense is attributed to Casey than that is quite an achievement. Also someone made the point of how Casey has the experience of being on a team that was centered around a jump shooting 7 footer, and after bringing in a defensive C was able to make the team play incredible defense. I think that they are going to try and clone Dallas' success in Toronto, I see BC getting a defensive C and taking another shot with Bargnani on the roster. Not sure how I feel about that, but might not be a bad idea.

      Casey ftw.
      "Defense wins championships."


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        Yeah, I also like what I've read about casey. Sure I'd rather have Sloan, or Adelman or SVG, but if they aren't interested then there is a good case for Casey.
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          ezz_bee wrote: View Post
          Yeah, I also like what I've read about casey. Sure I'd rather have Sloan, or Adelman or SVG, but if they aren't interested then there is a good case for Casey.
          No doubt. The reality is the Raptors are not going to get a top proven coach at this time.

          One thing I like about Casey is he has everything to gain and everything to lose for whoever he gets a head coaching gig with. If he is successful, he will ensure another opportunity; if he is unsuccessful, he'll never get a chance again.

          Personally, I like the idea of someone with something to prove. Don't you think he has heard and read the many reservations people have about him that we are all discussing?


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            I think that Casey is Bryan's man. Just the fact that his spend time with a perimeter oriented big puts him a head of Frank. The fact that he found a way to hide Dirk on defense is great. BryCo just wants him to come here and see if he can do the same for Andrea. I personally think this is going to be Andrea's last shot. If he can't play D for this coach than it's a wrap for him in T.

            Personally there was no reason for how bad Andrea was on defense this year. If Andrea could be better than Dirk at something it would be defense. His more athletic and bigger than Dirk. He move his feet better laterally too.


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              charlz wrote: View Post
              he is class enough not to announce it during the finals
              ya unlike the guy last year, i'm looking at you mr. thibodeau
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