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Should The Raps take a chance on Iverson?

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    Stahmenah_Vybz wrote: View Post
    Everyone changes their ways one way or the other or sometime or the other! Do you not agree?
    Everyone changes? How do you figure?

    Do you have evidence that Iverson has changed?

    If you change your statement to "some people eventually change," I'd agree, but I still wouldn't know what that has to do with Iverson.


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      NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
      you can't but most people might be able to. Can you read peoples minds? didn't think so
      Do you realize tone doesn't carry very well over text?

      Considering we've had Kemba comparisons to Zeke, Iverson, Chris Paul and Steve Nash, among others, another person seriously comparing him to Iverson as well wouldn't have been very surprising. =P


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        northgrantballer wrote: View Post
        Sorry to be mister opposite, but I don't see why there is no concern in signing Ajinca for about a million, however there is so much hate towards a guy who can still get maybe 15 pts per game, a guy who has playoff experience for about the same amount of cash. Get over his ego, the fella can play basketball. Same thing with JR Smith in Denver.
        1. Dallas paid us cash considerations to take his contract off their hands, so we didn't really have to pay him anything.

        2. As much as I think Ajinca is a dud, at least there's the potential he could turn into something valuable; Iverson, not so much.

        3. Ajinca was okay with sitting on the bench and/or staying on the inactive list. Would Iverson be okay with being signed to the minimum and staying on the inactive list? Would he take it in stride and not attempt yet another retirement?


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          Tim W. wrote: View Post
          I don't disagree, but I got to say it stung a little bit when you mentioned the "old man" injuries.
          Word Tim, I'm heading there soon myself.


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            Iverson might be able to score 15 points per game, but it'll take him 25 shots to get there. And he'll start pouting about wanting to be a starter. That's the problem.
            your pal,