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Jan Vesely At 5 not a bad idea...

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  • Jan Vesely At 5 not a bad idea...

    Listen, stock piling talent is the best way to do things in the NBA. We are a squad with very little talent worth keeping other then fringe Demar and Ed Davis. Jan Vesely is probably going to be the most talented player on the board when we are selecting and that is who we should choose. Take for example the Thunder. Westbrook, is more of a two guard then a pure point. Durant plays the two and the three, occasionally four. In the same draft they acquired Jeff Green who basically was a poor man's Durant. Harden is a two guard who can play the three. What I am saying is that even though the players overlap, their talent has allowed them to figure it out. Draft Vesely and let his talent along with Demar's and Ed's figure out his position and role on the team. Don't just draft for a fit. That's how we ended up with Rafael Arujauo.