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If Bargnani doesn't get traded...?!?

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  • If Bargnani doesn't get traded...?!?

    It seems that about 90% of the fan base wants him gone. I am on the fence and feel he can still be an asset on our team, and a decision could be made at the deadline/mid-season, or none at all. However I am in favor of trading him before the season if we get a good return. My problem with this is how low people around here are evaluating his trade value. Some of the trade propositions in the Bargnani trade thread are just plain steals for the other teams. It seems as if most are willing to trade him for anybody (Okur?) and they'll throw anybody into the trade machine, match the contracts, and call it a good trade.

    My question(s) is, if Bargnani doesn't go via trade before the start of the season. Do you think all hope is lost for the upcoming season even if we draft Knight? Do you curse BC out for failing to do what everyone thinks to be a must-do move? It will be interesting to see if he doesn't get traded...I can see fans booing him if he doesn't when those boos are really pointed at BC. We can be harsh on our own players, and let's face it..there is very little love 4 Bargs. Not that Bargs lack of D and visible motivation to get better doesn't warrant some grief. But I can see a bad situation if he can't/doesn't get move. Your thoughts on another year with Bargnani?