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#5 for #12 and Al Jefferson/Paul Milsap. Potential Utah-Toronto Draft Day trade.

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    I dont think that this trade is gonna happen simply because IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE for the raps. Why waste our pick for another pf? Besides the raps drafting vesely at #5, if this trade goes through, i will shoot myself!!


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      Here's my dream scenario involving what has already been posted with the rumoured Utah, and Phoenix trade:

      Toronto: Millsap
      Freddy Garcia
      #12 (Fredette)
      #7 (Leonard)

      Utah: Klieza
      #5 (Knight)

      Phoenix: Bargnani

      Sacremento: Calderon
      James Johnson
      Future 2nd Round from Toronto

      Phoenix gets a possible pg of the future with Bayless and as well Bargnani would actually have a center in Gortat to play next too.

      Utah gets its 5th pick and now is able to draft Kanter and Knight as was mentioned earlier.

      Sacremento does this trade to gain a pg who does is not looking to score, and get it to Tyreke, and James Johnson has the chance to be their starting SF

      Toronto gets a hard worker in Millsap as their new starting PF. Nash becomes the stabilizing force for the next few years at PG. Lopez becomes our backup Centre. Fredette becomes our 3pt threat off the bench, and Leonard as our defensive minded SF. Garcia cap filler, and as well backup SG

      I would also consider buying a 2nd round pick to draft Corey Joseph, he's a first rounder if he stays one more year of school.

      So our depth chart looks like:

      C: Davis/Lopez
      PF: Millsap/Johnson
      SF: Leonard/Weems
      SG: Derozan/Garcia
      PG: Nash/Fredette/Jospeh


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        Seriously what is wrong with people on here lately?


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          Maleko wrote: View Post
          Seriously what is wrong with people on here lately?
          Time of year. Lack of confirmed news. Instant information world in which we live where a rumour is spread over the NBA-landscape faster than a tweet.

          Two more sleeps!


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            Tim W. wrote: View Post
            I'm pretty sure he was joking. Notice his little smiley thing at the end.
            It was affective. Note the coffee flowing from my nose.


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              Apollo wrote: View Post
              It was affective. Note the coffee flowing from my nose.
              Yikes. That's gotta be one of the more uncomfortable of liquids to have flow out of one's nose.

              Also, if it's flowing....that's all the more disturbing, as it implies some kind of continuous source. Are you laughing & drinking simultaneously?


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                I'm a big sipper.