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Good article: the turkoglu clusterf$&k from a broader perspective

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  • Good article: the turkoglu clusterf$&k from a broader perspective


    Colangelo made a mistake, but not nearly as bad as the Magic or Suns. As they say, at least he ended up with cap space.

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    Haha, loved the last paragraph
    In unrelated news...


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      outta the three teams, the raptors came out on top after initially screwing up


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        Thank You BC, just imagine if we were stuck with Turk for 3 more years.


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          Great article. Love how they break it
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            Great article. If there was an avatar with some guy thumbing his nose at a group of people, I would be all over that. To all those people who think that BC is a bad GM. At least he's not Phoenix or Orlando bad. The man swings for the fences but always finds a way to get on bag when he whiffs.
            Welp, that sucked.


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              Good article. I'm reading Bill Simmons' "The Book of Basketball" and the only two players he rags on in the foot notes for no apparent reason are Vince and Kareem. I can't wait until the actual part of the book where he reaches Vince and extrapolates on his time in the NBA. The sad thing is that if Vince chooses to take minimum contract he could end up a starter on a descent team like the Knicks. Or maybe that would be awesome too!
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                That was a fun read. Thankfully we got out of that. How BC got him moved makes me feel almost ill.
                Phoenix and Orlando ... seriously?
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                  bloodyhandedgod wrote: View Post
                  That was a fun read. Thankfully we got out of that. How BC got him moved makes me feel almost ill.
                  Phoenix and Orlando ... seriously?
                  Connections and having good working relationships with other gm's and agents as well as selling your wares (players) does it. BC has a few detractors who think he is a snake charmer thru his spin with the fans here. I would think that same "attribute" is probably used during deal making as well. Lon Babby, pres. of the Suns was also Hedo's agent when he signed there was a connection there on multiple levels.


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                    2nd last paragraph = the greatest paragraph ever written in human history!


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                      the effects of this aren't over with yet.

                      Orlando went a screwed up so badly with this its unbelievable.... how they have had perhaps 4 of the worst contracts in the last half a decade (Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter, Gilbert Arenas, Hedo Turkoglu) touch their Franchise in so little time is mind boggling. Now they are stuck in a situation where Dwight may walk if they don't get more talent. But little to offer and 2 nasty contracts eating their books. Anyone else here thinking this is very similar to the previous season with Lebron and Cleveland?

                      Phoenix atleast made it out with Gortat (another huge stumble for Orlando).