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    Chris Paul and Dwight Howard DUH


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      ceez wrote: View Post
      Chris Paul and Dwight Howard DUH
      Even as a joke its in bad taste.


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        tbihis wrote: View Post
        who are the FAs you will consider signing next offseason?
        I haven't even looked at who's available, but that's not why I'd wait. I'd wait because the team is simply not at a stage where they would be able to attract a free agent without massively overpaying them or should go out and grab a big free agent. By next summer, more holes will be plugged and a free agent will be able to be one of the final pieces to help the Raptors be competitive.
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          Matt52 wrote: View Post
          Plllllleeeeeease opt out.

          Personally, I think they are trying to milk an extension from Toronto.
          I totally agree - anyhow here he is - if this season is going to be the tank job (and the rumblings would suggest as much) best thing he could do is be part of some deadline deal.
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