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Chad Ford Mock Draft 7.0: Raptors select Brandon Knight

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  • Chad Ford Mock Draft 7.0: Raptors select Brandon Knight

    Analysis: GM Bryan Colangelo has been looking for defensive help, and I had been hearing over the past 24 hours that Bismack Biyombo and Kawhi Leonard had risen on the Raptors' board. But if Knight slides this far, I don't think they'll pass.

    Knight has tremendous upside, is a good defender in his own right and, alongside DeMar DeRozan, would give the Raptors an intriguing young backcourt.
    Lottery looks like: Irving, Williams, Kanter, Valanciunas, Knight, Vesely, Walker, T. Thompson, Leonard, K. Thompson, Biyombo, Fredette, Morris, Vucevic

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    he got over his Vesely man crush? I certainly hope Knight falls (or kanter rises?) and we get him at 5. This makes sense for Utah too as they get Fredette at number 12 so they get their big man and a young guard (and a nice marketing campaign with Fredette). this draft ain't so bad afterall!


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      I just heard Eric Smith on The Fan590 say he thinks it'll be Knight, If not he thinks Biyombo.


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        I'm not sold on Knight. For all the people knocking Walker because he shot the ball a lot last season, Brandon Knight is more of a shoot first, pass later kind of PG in my view. I'm going with the flow on the idea of taking him right now because Colangelo seems to like him if the reports are true.


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          I am with you on this Apollo. Do not underestimate Kemba.
          your pal,